Focussing on Small Scale Dilemmas


This blog is a resource for architects interested in interdisciplinary design. The basis for this blog is for me as a young urban designer to have a place to write, comment, and criticize articles and theories. Some of the posts I write will be spurred by articles or conversations I’ve heard, but often not directly coinciding with articles. The other type of posts I will submit are direct responses to different articles I read, ranging from architecture and design in general, to politics, and interesting news articles that relevance to the influenced and influential designed built environment.

A little about me.

I’ve been a cyclist for about 9 years. I got into cycling because of technology and being able to shift and brake with the same lever, but now cycling means much more to me. It is a way for me to see the built and natural environment in a different way.

I’ve been studying architecture for four years, with the last year and a half being the most intense. I got into architecture in part because it was recommended to be by my mom who watched me design cities with legos when I was a kid. But my own opinion about why I very first wanted to get into architecture was pretty broad. I wanted to have a direct influence on how people live their lives, in hope of improving it. I first thought I could do this through building individual homes, but now it has extended to wanting to design larger buildings and urban areas.

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